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Barcelona Ambiences

Recently, I put on the market my first sound library. It’s a sound representation of the city of Barcelona. It is available at the next link. Paul Virostek, the owner of the site Creative Field Recording, reached me to make an interview about the sound library. The interview can be read on Sound Effects Search. Hope […]

The Doors of Resident Evil 2

esident Evil 2 is a 1998 survival horror videogame developed by Capcom and originally released for PlayStation. It has the same basic gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, Resident Evil. Nowadays, many Resident Evil fans, included myself, miss this traditional gameplay against the modern gameplay, which started with Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 2 uses fixed […]

The Sound of Breaking Bad

verybody knows the story of Walter White and how he turned into Heisenberg. Everybody loves Bryan Craston and Aaron Paul. Almost everybody loves its scenes, whether it is a close-up or a wide shot. Some of them understand that famous color theory, but the question is: who appreciates the sound of Breaking Bad? This Golden […]

Sound as Storyteller

n 1966, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the last film of the Dollars Trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone, was released. After this trilogy, Leone finished his time as a director of western movies. He planned to direct a gangster film, named Once Upon a Time in America. However, Paramount asked him to make […]

Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing

This post is a tribute to the figure of the sound editor and his/her importance in any audiovisual project. Therefore, I decided to make a clip with the most showy of this world: Hollywood. So what would it be better than editing this video with all the Oscars winners for Best Sound Editing. Don’t mix […]

Explaining what sound design is through The Shining

If we visit Wikipedia and we search the tasks of a sound designer, we’ll find the following: “Sound design is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements. It is employed in a variety of disciplines including filmmaking, television production, theatre, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, sound art, post-production, and video game […]